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Wealth Management

Wealth Management in Switzerland has a history of more than 150 years. Through the centuries services and products have been perfected and set the exceptional standard that prevails today. Not only have we committed ourselves to maintain these standards but to excel them and can offer you a wide variety of Wealth Management services.

  • Our primary focus is the long-term management and protection of your assets. We tailor our approach to meet your specific needs and expectations. In order to ensure your interests, we partner with banks and other necessary service providers.

    We provide support for an optimal planning and structuring your assets. We are driven by the fundamental principles of professionalism and discretion.

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Wealth Management

Asset Management

Our approach to Asset Management is guided by the ideals of individuality and transparency. Based on a comprehensive expertise in the field, we are thus able to offer you the ideal platform to achieve your investment success.

  • In a personal dialogue we develop tailor-made solutions in order to ensure the preservation and growth of your assets. Applying our scientifically-based investment methods we can take advantage of opportunities in the market and explain risks to you in a transparent way. We rely on a blend of direct investments in bond and equities as well as other financial instruments representing the best value and high liquidity. Our services are supplemented by regular market commentaries and recommendations.

    Sound risk management, needs-analyses and immediate intervention when necessary provide you the level of security you need for your assets.

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Asset Management

Family Office Services

Within Europe, Switzerland is viewed as the premier location for Family Office Services. This is accompanied by the highest demands for quality. Our aspiration is to exceed these high expectations. Our wealthy private clients receive personal advice at the highest level that extends beyond simple asset management services.

  • As part of this process, our Family Office services are specifically tailored to meet your needs. In addition to long-term asset management services, we can provide support in any other areas where you might need assistance. Our network includes specialised lawyers, tax experts, wealth planning experts as well as contacts to doctors and clinics, boarding schools and even a variety of authorities.

    The expertise and many years of experience of our partners provide us the opportunity to offer you a comprehensive service all under one roof. In this context, we act as a hub and gate keeper in equal measure.

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«We support you in all matters
at the highest level.»


  • Switzerland

    Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd
    Bank Vontobel AG
    BDO AG
    Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG
    LGT Bank (Schweiz) AG
    Société Générale
    UBS Switzerland AG
    Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA
    VP Bank (Switzerland) AG
  • Liechtenstein

    LGT Bank Ltd.
    Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG
    Volksbank Aktiengesellschaft
  • USA

    Blackrock Inc.


Clarus Capital hires experienced Emerging Markets Specialist

06. January 2020

Clarus Capital Group AG (CCG) strenghtens its Asset Management team by the hire of Markus Mettier, an Emerging Markets Specialist from UBS. With his extensive experience of more than 30 years in the Fixed Income Markets he will contribute significantly to the adivsory offering served to wealthy clients by the Asset Management. 


Monthly Pulse #01 20

03. January 2020

The year 2019 closed as a remarkable year. Almost all asset classes were positive with equity markets 30% up. The U.S. presidential election will define together with Brexit and trading wars the geopolitical environment this year.


Monthly Pulse #12 19

02. December 2019

Is it different this time? A year ago, equity markets started to slump and lost roughly 9 percent last December. Lacking company earnings, geopolitics could impact markets more significantly than usual, however, we do not expect a repitition.


Monthly Pulse #11 19

01. November 2019

Lately the noise about risks eased. But it may be short-term effects and could reverse quickly. Central banks around the globe maintain their expansive route to counter weak economic activity and low inflation.


Clarus Capital opens Representative Office in Kazakhstan

21. October 2019

The Astana Financial Service Authority (AFSA) has granted Clarus Capital Group Ltd. official approval to operate a representative office. Clarus Capital is the first Swiss-based independent asset manager to fully operate a representative office in the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC).


Vlog #01 19

02. October 2019

We are very delighted to present you our FIRST VLOG with current market updates!

Click here and enjoy it

Monthly Pulse #10 19

01. Oktober 2019

In recent weeks, geopolitical risks have decreased on various fronts. In the trade dispute between the US and China as well, much more conciliatory tone has been struck recently. However, it is still too early to assume that the situation will ease in the long term.


Monthly Pulse #09 19

04. September 2019

The global economy continues to be sluggish. The latest economic data from the Eurozone points to continued weakness. The situation is particularly worrying in the manufacturing sector. In recent weeks, the escalation screw in the trade conflict between the US and China has continued to turn. After all, the negotiations between the two countries are continuing and the tone has now eased somewhat.


Monthly Pulse #08 19

02. August 2019

The FED cuts interest rates for the first time since December 2008 by 25 basis points. Markets expected more of a dovish stance in terms of the Forward Guidance though and took Powell's statement as somewhat hawkish. What does it mean for the financial markets?


Clarus Capital congratulates its Zurich Triathlon Finishers

22. July 2019

Clarus Capital Group congratulates its Zurich triathlon finishers Jana Messmer, Samuel Schmid and Dejan Ristic for mastering the Olympic Distance this year!


Monthly Pulse #07 19

02. July 2019

Despite of the reset during the G20 summit, trade war will be an ongoing concern. Global growth is slowing and will remain subdued in most regions of the world in H2. Accordingly, price pressure will remain rather low, giving the central banks room for manoeuvre in monetary policy.


Zurich AM Head: markets will worsen by the end of the year

12. June 2019

Despite a renewed rally in global equities, Clarus Capital's head of asset management Roger Ganz is maintaining a defensive approach.

Read the full story on Citywire.


Monthly Pulse #06 19

31. May 2019

It comes as no surprise that fundamentals have taken a backseat in recent weeks. Markets fluctuate between hopes and fears in the all-dominant trade conflict.


Monthly Pulse #05 19

02. May 2019

In the past it was common to hear the world economy being described as Goldilocks: an economy in a perfect balance - neither overheated nor in recession. Could this state be returning?


Unconventional professional!

29. April 2019

Why Clarus Capital's Giancarlo Guetg doesn't follow the crowd - or wear a suit. Advisors are given near-total freedom in their roles. Giancarlo Guetg tells how this individualistic approach,  brings the team closer together which leads to satisfied clients.


Home or away? The compliance dilemma facing WMs

29. April 2019

To outsource or not to outsource, the WMs ask themselves, trying to make the best decision for their company in an era of increasing regulation. Clarus Capital Group has chosen a clear path.


Monthly Pulse #04 19

01. April 2019

Despite the rather positive on-going stock markets, we are clearly facing a deteriorating economic growth with indicators worsening. Brexit and the still unsolved trade conflict between the US and China further increase insecurities. So, why are investors fairly calm these days?


FED turn dovish: how is Clarus Capital Group react to?

21. March 2019

The FED surprised the markets recently. What does this mean for 2019 and our portfolios?

Read the latest article in Citywire from our Head Asset Management, Roger Ganz. Click here to read.

Monthly Pulse #03 19

01. March 2019

February  showed mixed signs with sotck markets in a wait-and-see mode. Even though the macro picture is facing headwind such as deteriorating growth, some of the leading indicators  in the US and Europe show surprisingly resilience.


Clarus Capital Group emerges into Top 50

11. February 2019

Among thousands of independent asset managers in Switzerland, Clarus Capital Group emerges into top 50.

Please click on Citywire for more information.

Monthly Pulse #02 19

01. February 2019

The year started mixed. On one hand, equity markets gained momentum and erased almost all the losses of the previous month. On the other hand, the economic and political uncertainties remain. So where do we go from here?


Clarus Capital Group at the FINANZ '19

17. January 2019

The best strategy is nothing worth should you not be capable to develop a view on markets. Will 2019 be different than expected? Listen to the panel discussion with our Head Asset Management, Roger Ganz, during the Finanz '19 on Tuesday, January 22nd 2019 at 12.30 a.m.

For further information please click here.

Monthly Pulse #01 19

07. January 2019

Growth fears and high political uncertainty led to one of the strongest declines in equity markets for a December. Reading through November's analyst recommendations, they were positive about equity markets and expected the year-end rally to start soon. What did go wrong since then?


Monthly Pulse #12 18

30. November 2018

November was full of risk events with flattish equity markets. Even though a Brexit agreement has been accomplished and Italy's Matteo did not force to confront the EU Commission - uncertainties are not over.


Finews: Clarus Capital Group continue its growth path

1. November 2018

Clarus Capital, the asset manager specializing in Eastern European and Russian clients, is expanding its partnership. The experienced client advisors come from Vontobel.

For further information please klick here.

Monthly Pulse #11 18

31. October 2018

A combination of factors has led to biggest one month corrections for six years. They include the bumpy and uncertain path to global interest rate normalization and political uncertainty  around USA-China trade relations, Italy, Brexit, etc.

Today we present a special topic on ICOs, created by Alethena.


Monthly Pulse #10 18

28. September 2018

Another interest rate hike by 25bps from the FED has been taken and nobody is surprised. More interestingly was the release of the FOMC statement as well as the following press conference.


Monthly Pulse #9 18

31. August 2018

August brought us some uncertainties and a choppy road on the financial markets. Fears coming out from Turkey, the ongoing tariffs dispute and a US president who publicly questioned the role of the FED.


Independent Alternative for Experience Banker

27. August 2018

The number of experienced bankers finding themselves in a new role as independent wealth managers is increasing very quickly.

More to read about the positive media coverage of Clarus Capital Group AG in Finews.


Pulse Rate #2 18

14. August 2018

Turkish Bonds denominated in hard currencies suffered in the last days. Credit Default Swaps for 5 years jumped from 300bp to more than 500bp.


Monthly Pulse #8 18

03. August 2018

One month already passed in the second half of the year. What is to come for the year end? Are we going to see further global growth? Are we heading towards a trade war with high uncertainty? Compared to last year, market sentiment has shifted markedly.


Monthly Pulse #7 18

02. July 2018

Last week, equity markets fell globally in the wake of Trump's latest tariffs threats to China. We are about to see record-low volatility moving back to normal levels which might be an initial sign of the long-lasting euphoria on the stock markets to be kind of stifled and could increase risk aversion.


Monthly Pulse #6 18

01. June 2018

May was fully prepped with uncertainties - this might be just a foretaste for the upcoming months.


Monthly Pulse #5 18

03. May 2018

The global economy continues its path and should grow strongly by year end. Many economists and the IMF are sharing this consensus albeit the recent decline in business activities. 


Monthly Pulse #4 18

29. March 2018

Is President Trump going to shock the world in 2018? According to many economists, last week was one of the most dangerous weeks of geopolitics in a long time and it might only have begun.


Finews: "Hiring UBS Team was quantum leap for us"

12. March 2018

Clarus Capital head Giancarlo Guetg does not care if his private bankers fly business class or economy. He tells how his firm escapes the culture of envy and has more time for clients.

For further information click here.

Monthly Pulse #3 18

01. March 2018

Despite of the recent financial turmoil, the major economies are still looking strong on the back of the fundamental data. Thus, the synchronized growth should continue in both developed countries as well as in the emerging markets.


Clarus Capital Group embraces Evolute technology

14. February 2018

Zurich asset manager Clarus Capital Group Ltd is taking a leap into the digital age to continue providing its demanding clients with high-quality, personalized services.


Pulse Rate

06. February 2018

In the last days, global stocks plunged and wiped out their gains for 2018.


Monthly Pulse #2 18

05. February 2018

Looking at the rising global economy there is no doubt that forecasts have been increased on a broad basis. Even the Eurozone is presenting itself strongly.


Monthly Pulse #1 18

10. January 2018

The year ended in very good terms - especially Trump's breakthrough in his tax reform project boosted risky assets.


Best and worst investments of 2017

20. December 2017

Citywire asked leading investors to look back on 2017, naming the asset allocations and fund decisions that powered client portfolios, as well as revealing the strategies that failed to hit the mark. Find out what Clarus Capital Group thinks.


Monthly Pulse #1 17

8 December 2017

Back in November the macro fundamentals have been looking strong again and surprised mostly.


Clarus Capital expands with a new Russia team

01. November 2017

Clarus Capital Group AG (CCG) has completed another step on its path to expansion: With six new client advisers, the Zurich-based asset management firm is expanding its team effective 1 November 2017. This represents another step in its deliberate expansion in the Russia/CIS market.

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Our mission

We judge ourselves based on the most demanding expectations. We want to prove ourselves worthy of the trust you place in us and inspire you with our portfolio of services. Our advisory services are independent and personal. We devote our full attention in order to grow and preserve your wealth.

  • We take time for you to develop the ideal solution for your circumstances by listening to your needs and demands. Our longstanding experience in Wealth Management and Asset Management at various Swiss financial institutions as well as our network of selected specialists are complementing our offering.

    Our deep understanding of the world’s different cultures, our experience as entrepreneurs and our passion for exceptional service represent both an aspiration and a commitment in the areas of Wealth Management and Asset Management. These principles are to find in anything we do for you - whether large or small - to support you in your endeavours.

    We understand and speak your language.

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Our story

It all began with an idea and the desire for independence. From the outset, the fundamental concept was to provide selected clients comprehensive, uncompromising, bespoke and highly-professional services at first hand. We aim to provide tailor-made services based on a combination of vision and precision, independent of performance targets and incentive systems.

  • Clarus Capital Group AG was founded in 2011. The name Clarus stands for the values that the company puts into practice in dealings with its clients, partners and employees: Communication, investment structures and performance records should be clear, transparent and straightforward.

    The falcon is chosen carefully as their company logo by the founder, as it represents precisely those characteristics that are essential to an adviser to provide exceptional service: experience, acumen, wisdom as well as discretion, prudence and elegance.

    Since 2012, a number of experts who have become excited by this idea joined the firm. Today, Clarus Capital Group AG is one of the fastest-growing Asset Managers in Zurich’s financial market both in terms of headcount as well as assets under management. And the journey has only just begun.

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Career opportunities

Are you ready to ride the dragon?

Are you ready to let your entrepreneurial spirit guide you as an independent financial adviser?

Are you ready to take advantage of everything at your disposal, for yourself and your clients by being able to call upon a large number of different banks, analysts and experts?

Are you an experienced professional looking for a new challenge who wants to join a dynamic, growing team with an attractive platform?

Are you interested in performance-based compensation along with a flexible and friendly working environment?

We are always interested in hearing from talented experts with an entrepreneurial mind-set and approach. We are currently looking to fill the following position:

  • Senior Client Advisor

    Experienced private banker with a proven track record in acquiring and managing a book of business (assets under management) within your respective market (international or Swiss-focused)

    Please send us your CV, a cover letter and a brief summary of your business plan by email to: giancarlo.guetg(at)

Our service is uncompromisingly tailor-made and highly professional. You are in the focus of all our decisions.


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