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Clarus Capital now offers 1e plans

15. сентября 2020

The independent asset manager Clarus Capital enters the pension market. They expand the product range by including 1e pension solutions.

Individual saving for retirement is becoming increasingly important, as the conversion rate is likely to further decrease, which could result in pension promises that might no longer be guaranteed in every case. With 1e plans, employees can decide for themselves how the pension assets of their salary components in excess of 127,980 Swiss francs are invested. Together with Neutrass, a leading neutral and independent insurance broker, Clarus Capital offers companies and entrepreneurs attractive opportunities to benefit from these advantages.

"The employees benefit not only from the flexible, individual investment strategy, but also from our independence," Christian Schroeter, Head of Pension Solutions at Clarus Capital, is convinced. Insurance holders can choose from investment products with the best price-performance ratio – including low-cost ETFs and index funds – and not just in-house funds as it is the case with some competitors. Conflicts of interest are thus prevented. He adds: "The combination of low TERs and the advantageous management fees of an independent asset manager such as Clarus Capital is particularly attractive for retirement savings."

In addition, 1e solutions can be used to increase purchasing potential, save income tax and protect credit balances from redistribution. 1e solutions are also available to people with vested benefits accounts.  

Also, employers benefit: Because 1e pension solutions do not allow for a shortfall in cover, there are no risks of restructuring. Attractive pension solutions help companies such as SMEs, law firms and medical centers to retain their managers and partners in the long term.

Christian Schroeter, Head Pension Solutions and Partner

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