Pension Solutions

Is a guaranteed pension fund interest rate of 1% not enough for you?
Do you really receive independent advice, or do you only find proprietary products in your pension solutions?
Would you like to increase your scope for voluntary purchasing into the pension fund?
Do you see restructuring risks in your pension fund?

These questions have led to unsatisfying standard solutions. But we think one step further. Following our credo «What we do, we do with passion» we have developed our own pension solution that meets all requirements:

  • Independence in the choice of investment instruments
  • Tailored to your specific requirements, whether in the area of management pension plans (1e solution) or vested benefits solution
  • Tax-optimisation and cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility and long-term orientation
  • Optimized risk coverage through our partner Neutrass, a specialized insurance broker with many years of experience

One step ahead, we care all about our clients. With a detailed, personal analysis of your pension situation - across all assets - we ensure that your investment profile is completely covered and that your return targets and risk capacity are in line.

Share our passion for this demanding field of pension service and arrange a personal consultation with our specialist Christian Schröter (Head of Pension Solutions)


Management Pension Plan / 1e Solution

Enjoy tailor-made and personal advice
We show you how employees can invest their pension assets above the salary limit of CHF 127,980 individually and according to their risk tolerance. Our independence protects you from conflicts of interest and guarantees you access to a broadly diversified investment universe - consisting of products with the best price-performance ratio.

Use purchasing potential
We advise you on how to increase your purchasing potential and optimize your income tax through individual pension solutions. Members of management, executives and specialist staff can thus better match their pension assets to their overall financial situation. Purchases into the pension solution are particularly useful in the following cases: you want to reduce your tax burden, withdraw liquidity not required for your business or include variable salary components in order to increase your purchasing potential.

Increase returns and protect against redistribution
The funds invested in a 1e collective foundation cannot be redistributed. All deposited amounts and capital gains belong to you.

Avoid restructuring risks
Shortfalls in cover are no longer possible with our pension solution and, as a result, there are no restructuring risks for the employer.

Optimize risk performance
The risk premiums are significantly lower than in the mandatory system. Furthermore, they can be set individually: only a minimum of 6 percent of the contributions must be used for death and disability insurance. Design the risk benefits individually: not all employees want to pay the highest possible savings premiums. Selection criteria can be, for example, salary, hierarchy level, function, age, or number of years of service. If the company divides the insured persons into different categories, pension plans that only insure one person are also possible.

Retaining key employees
Such flexible and innovative pension solutions help SMEs, law firms and medical centres, managers and partners to retain their loyalty to the company in the long term.


Vested Benefits Solution

If you have left a company and are planning a longer stay abroad, continuing education or a sabbatical, then the Clarus vested benefits solution is right for you.

Enjoy tailor-made and personal advice
With our solution you can invest your pension assets individually according to your risk capacity. In this way, you remain true to your investment goals over the long term and we guarantee the professional management of your pension assets.

Split pension assets
When going into self-employment or changing to a new employer, it can be worthwhile to transfer funds to two different vested benefits solutions. In this way, you can save taxes when withdrawing money.


Markus von Holzen, Deputy Managing Partner

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